Beautiful beautiful autumn

Two months down the line and I write again a few words.

Today 5 years ago I reached the pyramids of Giza for the first time. It was one of the biggest moments ever for me.

It is a huge battle to write. Two weeks ago I had an operation on my brain. Prior to that a friend had to complete all the forms on my behalf. I was so shaky that my handwriting looked like that of a grade 1 learner.

The doctor decided to stop the chemo and return to radiation first. That should start within the next three weeks. I would be lying should I say that I look forward to the chemo experience again. That was by far one of the worst experiences of my life.

So, I am shaky, bump into many things, have a memory like a sieve, BUT:  Have a look at the following photographs and read the following stories. What a wonderful world we live in!

DSC_0350We have a cancer support group here in Naboomspruit. Those ladies are angels. Here is their vehicle in front of the Magrietjie office in Naboomspruit.

DSC_0359Two of the ladies in the office. They are volunteers who don`t get paid. I plan to do a fundraising effort for these ladies after the chemo treatment has ended. It is going to be a “WE” project and not an “I” project. I am going to need your help.

DSC_0507My two German colleagues Petra (left) and Nicole  (right) flew out to South Africa for a few days to come and visit. In the middle is Alta, one of our South African colleagues. Suzanne, our other colleague, was in Gauteng at that moment. Loyal up to the end.

DSC_0397Andrea, who urged me to go and see a doctor last year, has shaven off her hair on the day I had the brain operation two weeks ago. She followed in the tracks of Willie, Suzanne, Marius Venter and all his wonderful people at SABest who also shaved off their hair earlier the year.

By the way, Marius and a friend of him went on a very adventurous bike ride through the Kalahari and Namib deserts in March in support of cancer patients. Read on SABest`s website about this marvelous team of people.

DSC_0510A German friend Anja Lubbe visited South Africa in February with another German friend Anne Rebstock. I got this beautiful cake for my birthday.

DSC_0158Two biker friends from the bush war era came to visit. Thanks Marinus and Pieter!

DSC_0515Riaan van Rooyen from Johannesburg left on his ride around Africa on March 9. His ride should take about 9 months. His first stop was in Naboomspruit. Riaan, go well! We wait for news from your side.

DSC_0580A couple of bikers, 30 plus in total, stopped in Naboom a few weeks ago. They were on a ride to hand out Bibles to communities without access to even Bibles. Their ride took about 8 days. What a privilege to have met these ladies and gents.

DSC_0582A few friends joined the ride. Ewald (Bileam se donkie) not excisting anymore (that is the donkey), and Marietjie and Philip of  Naboomspruit.

I had so many surprises and good experiences the last few week. Thank you so much to:

My three sisters who keep on showering me with their love and support.

Cathy and Willie with all the food they brought over.

Marius and Marianne Venter who put in so much effort so that their good friend and singer Helena Hettema came and sang Rooiwynliefde to me. Now I know what kind of music to expect in heaven one day.

Estelle and Tanja for driving me around.

Kuni Ditira for “Life is Like Music”.

To everyone that I know and who knows and loves me. I gather my strength from you and our heavenly Father.

Time to stop. Today I miss the scent of the tundra and taiga of Finland of last year. I miss the huge expanses of green with uncountable blue lakes in between. I miss the friendly people who invited me for pancakes and coffee so often. I have to go back one more time, if God will. I have to see the aurora lights.  If God will.

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10 Responses to Beautiful beautiful autumn

  1. The Rider says:

    Ag Lodie, dis lekker dat jy weer skryf! Ek wil so graag kom kuier, maar het my oog opgefoeter met ‘n angle grinder…
    Die Donkie is dalk weg, maar die Perd leef voort…

  2. The Rider says:

    Reblogged this on The Rider and commented:
    For all the friends at Wordriders 2013- Lodie said Thanks!

  3. The Rider says:

    Ek reblog sodat al die Wordriders dit ook kan sien- jy bly in ons gebede!

  4. Kuni Ditira says:

    Lodie, you are great. You are the greatest. Ill but thinking of others. May God give you more days. I love you. Thanks for mentioning me. Kuni Ditira

  5. Heidi Hoffmann says:

    Lodie, ek waardeer dit geweldig baie dat jy weer vir ons almal op hoogte hou van hoe dit met jou gaan. Ek kan jou net bewonder en wens jou alle denkbare sterkte toe vir die volgende weke en maande. Mag jy heeltemal genees – ons het meer mense soos jy nodig! Dink aan jou en bid vir jou – Heidi.

  6. Johan Z says:


    Ek is baie bly om hierdie skrywe te kon ontvang want dit wys dat jy op pad is na herstel

    Jy sal my nie meer onthou nie, ek het gaan luister na jou by oorlede Ray se plek so ‘n jaar of drie gelde, en jou toe vertel dat ek my KLR gekoop het nadat ek jou boek gelees het. Jy het my boek geteken, en ek het ‘n foto van ons twee saam. Jy kry die prentjie ? Ek dink jy is ‘n bakgat ou ! J

    Daarom is dit vir my sulke goeie nuus dat onse Vader jou hand vat en jou hierdeur dra. Ons het nie altyd ‘n keuse oor die tipe avontuur wat vir ons voorlê nie, maar kan enige pad stap met blymoedigheid as ons Vader die rigting aanwys

    Baie sterkte vorentoe, en laat weet gerus wanneer jou fondsinsameling afskop, dit sal vir my ‘n voorreg wees om by te dra


    Johan Z

  7. Petro Botes says:

    Middag Lodie. Dankie dat jy ons altyd positief hou met jou geselskap. Dit moes eintlik andersom wees. Jy is ‘n voorbeeld vir die wêreld. Dankie dat jy laat weet hoe dit gaan, ons wonder so oor jou. Jy is heeltyd in ons gebede. Ons bid dat jy krag & wysheid sal ontvang om hier deur te kom. Baie groete. Petro

  8. Patti Govers-Tesch says:

    Dear Lodie. thank you so much for keeping us all informed!! We all have great admiration for you in your battle. Missed you very much this time on Bernd Tesch Travel Treffen in Malmedy Belgium. I pray that you will be with us on the next occassion and am so grateful to hear that you are surrounded by all these loving people. God Bless you. Patricia and Bernd

  9. Sonja says:

    Dankie dat jy die wonderlike liefdesverhaal met ons gedeel het Lodie!!! Dis seker elke mens se diepste wens om te kan voel wat dit is om ware liefde te vind! … Linnie se tannie Sonja. Sterkte!!! Ek glo jy gaan baie mense se harte nog raak met die publikasie van die boek! Die wat ware liefde gevind het, moet dit waardeer!

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