How does one spell freedom?

This is my travel blog and I want to keep it a travel blog.

Instead watching my scarred scalp in a mirror I let my travel spirit start roaming on many roads and tracks of my tour of last year.

I received beautiful emails from Siberia and Finland from people who I met last year. Their words touched my soul and I found the following: I know but one freedom and that is the freedom of the mind. (Quote: Antoine De Saint-Exupery)

Larissa from Novosibirsk wrote me last week and told me spring was om its way and the tulips would be out within a week.

I closed my  eyes and I could see me walking in the forest behind their house, enjoying the hospitality from her wonderful family. And the smell of NATURE. Green and clean.

PENTAX ImageThe winter garden of Larissa is re-awakening after the harsh Siberian winter.

PENTAX ImageSiberian garden. I had to thing back to Larissa’s winter tales of -40 degrees and colder.

But today my heart is riding in Finland, further north and north. Tuija and her husband were so kind to me. With these few pictures I rekindle all the memories from that wide open country.

IMG_9463Finland is a country of blue lakes and green forests. And mozzies …

IMG_9461The boat of Tuija and her husband, on which we spent a lovely afternoon on the lake,

IMG_9466making fire on the deck,


and bake the best pancakes!IMG_9486And today, 8 months later, I am bald!


My dream destination: The Polar Circle. I have to return to see the Polar Lights once in my life.  Here I crossed the Polar Circle north.


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8 Responses to How does one spell freedom?

  1. Gerda says:

    I share your feelings, my husband attended a three month training course in Novosibirsk from September to December 2012 at the Russian Helicopter Plant. He came back in December 2012 and was diagnosed with Oral Cancer in April 2013, will be going for surgery on 8 th June 2013.

    Keep figting.

  2. Louis de Villiers says:

    Hallo Lodie, dis lekker om weer jou blog te lees – freedom is in the mind and no one can ever steel your memories. Ons sal graag ook eendag Finland en Noorwee wil beleef en die noorder ligte sien. Wie weet, dalk kan ons saam daar uitkom. Alles wat mooi is en geniet die laaste van ons lekker herfs dae voor die winter kom!

    Groete, Louis.

  3. Christine R-G says:

    A great excursion going along on your travel memories, Lodie! Many wonderful people and special places weave across a traveller’s path. The Northern Lights seem to entrance everyone who has ever heard about them. They will surely glimmer above all of us dreamers one day. Here’s wishing you luck!

  4. Patti Govers-Tesch says:

    Beautiful thoughts, pictures and memories Lodie! I love that quote from the writer of “The little Prince”! (also a beautiful thought travel book). May your wish come true to travel to the northern lights! Love from germany, Bernd and Patti (who by the way are happy to announce the birth of the 5th grandchild, called Levie Tesch!)

    • Lodie says:

      Dear Patti and Bernd, liebe Levie! Ich wuensche Euch allen zu der Geburt von Levi herzliche Glueckwuensche! Liebe Levie, moegest Du eine viel bessere Welt erben als die, die wir Euch hinterlassen.

      Liebe Gruesse


  5. George Meiring says:

    Hi Lodie, this is so Great and inspiring how wonderful to travel back in memory. I really enjoyed our catching up time a weekend ago. Looking forward to your next mind travelling trip.

    • Lodie says:

      Hallo George! Dit was ‘n baie heerlike naweek. Na gister se besoek aan die onkoloë het ek vir die een of ander rede ‘n goeie gevoel. Noem mens dit die seisoen van ….. ? Wonderwerke? Baie groete!

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