It is impossible to stop riding!

My apology if you’ve received this post twice. The lay-out tool didn’t want to co- operate today.

For already eight months my cancer treatment continues. I experienced highlights and extreme low points. But never has the urge to travel left me.

I read many travel reports with envy. I could smell the taiga and tundra, and I promised myself that I will, someway or other, get my bum moving again.

After the previous treatment the aggressive melanoma tumor decreased in size slightly. Next Tuesday I will know how my situation is halfway through the new treatment.

What are my plans now?

1. I want to raise funds for our local cancer support group, the Magrietjies. I know when I reach the end of the road they will be there to comfort me.

Please, keep a few Rands apart for when I start this campaign. I know there are so many good reasons to support many other groups. Please do so. Support our Magrietjies only when you feel the urge to do so.

2. Three ladies and I are organizing a cheese and wine evening with beautiful music. That will take place on Saturday 9 November. This will also be on behalf of the Magrietjies. Please mark this date on your calendar. I will soon put all the information on the blog. Please support us there!

3. I still want to do a last tour on the KLR to raise more support for the Magrietjies. It all depends on how much time I have left over. What about a ride from SA up to Ethiopia and then turn back after having the best coffee?

Except for these dreams I still have a few surprises up in my sleeves. But then you have to be there on the 9th November!`


According to the publisher Kate will on the shelves on September 1. In the mean time you can order your copy Kate from Exclusive Books :

Travel philosophy:

Optimism. The doctrine or belief that everything is beautiful, including what is ugly.


Egypt BEFORE the revolution.

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7 Responses to It is impossible to stop riding!

  1. Christine R-G says:

    By having courage, hope and still reaching out to help others as you do – you will keep riding because your soul keeps driving you! Have the ride of your life still Lodie…!

  2. The Rider says:

    Ek hoop almal lees Kate, ek het dit BAIE geniet en is diep geraak…

  3. Hierdie Tannie soek ‘n getekende eksemplaar……Is ons befaamde skrywer volgende week weer in Pretoria? – en, ons Glò sommer vooruit, saam met jou dat die behandeling suksesvol gaàn wees! – groete, Ina

  4. Kuni Ditira says:

    I iwsh I had something nice to say and the words. I will however, say you are brave and we need more selfless people like you. All the best.

  5. Glenn Scott [Scotty] says:

    Sounds good, keep going Lodie, most people do recover. thoughts are with you.

  6. Patti Govers-Tesch says:

    You are so right Lodie: travel broadens the mind so much. And as Bernd always says: better to actually DO a smaller trip than to only plan bigger ones. We are off for a small europe camping wild tour right now and glad to have heard from you again! Hang in there Lodie, we want to hear of “coffeerides to Ethiopia!”

  7. Letty Chatu (Hosea Airport) says:

    You are a real inspiration. You keep us strong. It is really possible for you to ride. May GOD who make things possible be on your side my dearest. We in Namibia are still praying for your good health.

    God bless, Letty

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