Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we’re here we should dance!

Today, Saturday, I am going to attend Survivors’ Day here in Pretoria. It is an annual event organized by the wonderful people of the Oncology Department of the Willows Hospital in Pretoria.

They invited 300 survivors and patients like me still busy with the battle.

A year ago I returned from my tour from Russia and Siberia. I’m burning to get back on the road again. There are still a few goals looming in the distance. I have to do it now. As soon as the chemo is over and I don’t walk like an old man anymore (nothing against old man, I now know what they have to go through), I am going to re-visit one of my old destinations.

On Thursday I took out the KLR out for a ride. After 5 km’s I had to turn back. The pain was too intense. Solution. Turn louder the music!

(And ask the oncologist when I can stop using the tablets that cause my sleeplessness 🙂 )


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7 Responses to Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we’re here we should dance!

  1. Johan Marais says:

    Ek dink so dikwels aan jou! Jy is in ons gebede en ons wens jou sterkte toe.

    Groete uit Kroondal


  2. ivi says:

    Mein lieber Lodie, auch wenn wir nicht da sind so sind wir hier und tanzen mit Dir in Gedanken! Ich umarme Dich und wünsche Dir einen guten, schönen und erfüllten Tag! Die allerliebsten Grüße und eine dicke Umarmung für Dich von Ivi !!!!!

  3. Christine R-G says:

    May your goals hasten forward to meet you, and any obstacles melt away like ice in the sun. Amandla, Lodie!

  4. Gerda Lombard says:

    Hi liewe Lodie, jy bly ‘n survivor en is ‘n voorbeeld vir ons almal. Sterkte, weet jy kan!!!

  5. Larisa says:

    I was so glad to know that you are again on your bike and with all my heart I hope that your plans about new journeys will come true!

  6. Retha Sales says:

    Baie sterkte Lodie dink aan jou in ons gebede.

  7. Kuni Ditira says:

    Sterkte my maat. I have lost so many family members to cancer starting with my father when i was less than 12 years old. You are a survivor and an inspiration. May the good Lord give you strength to do all that you still want to accomplish.

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