What are YOU going to do with YOUR second chance?

Good morning!

Cancer Survivors Day on Saturday was one of the highlights of my life.

A guy was brought there on a wheel stair, carried onto the podium. He was introduced as Jaco Strydom. He got cancer 4 years ago. Instead of going down he started doing ultra long mountainbike ride of up to 7 000 km plus, mainly on gravel roads.

Now he cannot walk or cycle anymore. But boy, did he leave a powerful message: I used my second chance. What are YOU doing with YOUR second chance?

Hats off to Jaco. He is a real man under men!

His blog: http://groep7drukkers.blogspot.com/2013/05/4-beautiful-years-jaco-strydom-to-those.html

I was driven back to Naboom on Saturday. On Sunday we took out the bikes for a 90 km ride.

If Jaco could do it, then we can as well. Go well, survivor Jaco! And thanks for your great example!

The survivors and their friends prepared to release the balloons with messages of hope attached to it.

And off they went!

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5 Responses to What are YOU going to do with YOUR second chance?

  1. The Rider says:

    Meer as oorwinnaars! (Rom 8:37) So is jy weer vir my ‘n inspirasie!

  2. Kuni Ditira says:

    To Jaco and Lodie and all the survivors, we can only imagine what you going through. God is great.

  3. Christine R-G says:

    Immense courage!

  4. Dirtfellas says:

    Lodie, ek bewonder jou moed, en positiewe houding.

  5. Marike says:

    En wat ‘n wonderlike dag! Dit raak die diepste plek in jou hart om te hoor wat JY gaan doen met jou 2de kans. Wat gaan jou “regrets” wees..te veel gewerk, te veel bekommer, te min jou gevoelens gewys? Het jy die moed om eerlik en “true” aan jouself te wees, te doen wat jou hart begeer en voluit te lewe! Laat die legkaart van jou lewe in mekaar pas. Dankie Lodie, vir jou kan ons opkyk.

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