Vasbyt buddy, vasbyt.

Good day to all blog readers from South Africa and from overseas!

For the sake of our overseas readers, “vasbyt” means so much as ‘show endurance’ or ‘don’t give up’.

Stop, have a glass of tea or kwas, and enjoy the Russian culture!

Stop, have a glass of tea or kwas, and enjoy the Russian culture!

In two weeks’ time I would have had my last chemo session, and a few weeks later I will know whether the fight to beat the cancer was successful or not.  Fortunately I know the oncologist by know. He is straightforward and won’t spare the truth.

With my previous two rides you and I raised nearly a quarter of a million Rand to support Operation Smile. This year, still recovering from the cancer treatment, I would like to get back on my bike and do a  (last?) tour through the African bushveld to support my and your fundraising effort for these angels on earth, the Magrietjies.

My goals are clear:


1.  I want to raise, with your help, at least R 20 000.00 for the Magrietjies.

2. Like the previous two long rides every Cent donated will go to the Magrietjies. There are no so-called admin fees.

3.  As soon as a payment appears on our bank statement I will publish it on the blog with the amount so that everyone can see their money has been received.

4.  If you prefer to stay anonymous, just write Anonymous as your reference.

5.  Please mention this fundraising effort to your friends as well. Many R10 donations will create the energy we need to get to our goal. That is what Ubuntu is all about.

6. There also in Germany going to be a fundraising effort, administered by good friends of mine.

Today is Day 1 of our fundraiser, and the end will be the end of November.

Banking details:

FSA Youth Exchange

Bank: First National Bank

Account number 620 0972 3950 (Savings)

Branch Code: 260 348

And now is the time for me to “byt vas” like never before!

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3 Responses to Vasbyt buddy, vasbyt.

  1. Christine R-G says:

    Lodie, courage for the last chemo sessions and warm wishes that your psyche and physical strength both hold up well. Like two meerkats propping each other up, asleep on each others’ shoulders, basking in the sun – let your body and soul feel the warmth and take in the goodness you give out to others.

  2. Patti Govers-Tesch says:

    Dear Lodie; one thing is for sure: We “don´t give up” the hope that you will come savely through this big ordeal of yours. You are an absolutely amazingly inspiring soul to us all and we want to hear lots and lots more from you. We will pray for strength through this last chemo… please feel warmly hugged from your friends in the Eifel… Ofcourse we hope to support your sponsoring travel!

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