Raising funds for the Magrietjies

Good morning!

We are getting closer to the magical boundary of R 10 000.00. Thank you so much to all of you who made a contribution!

Getting closer ...

Getting closer …

Next week I’ll be back in Pretoria for the last chemo.  After that I need to recover my strength because I want to do a ride for the Magrietjies in November.

I have two wonderful and supportive colleagues.  Alta Botes, who organizes the exchange to Germany, is busy raising funds for Operation Smile. Suzanne Baker, who is responsible for the incoming German pupils and SA host families, is raising funds for the SA Guidedog Association.  Suzanne will do it the hard way by walking 300 km of the Camino Trail in Spain. Last year she already did one section of the world-famous hiking trail.

Now you will understand why the FSA and my colleagues are so dear to me.

After each stretch of bad road there is always a stretch of better road following.

After each stretch of bad road there is always a stretch of better road following.

For those on bikes please ride safely.


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1 Response to Raising funds for the Magrietjies

  1. Christine R-G says:

    Lodie, Godspeed on your road to recovery – Good fortune with all your great endeavours and a wonderful success with each one of them!

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