A second time the Aurora boralis!

Food evening from the faraway Finnish forests and lakes!

Last night we again could see the Polar Lights. It was much weaker than the first time. Fortunately my skills were a bit better than the first time.

I decided to use the inserted photograph taken Thursday night as background for my computer. You are welcome to do the same. Click on the photograph and let it open. On my computer (Ubuntu) it was a right-click on the photograph and the last selection on the short selection as “Make it my desktop background”. On Windows it is more or less the same.

It you prefer to receive the file from me per email let me know.

Please don’t forget our Magrietjie dinner and my fund raising for them, which end end of November.

Nukkua hyvin!


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4 Responses to A second time the Aurora boralis!

  1. Louis says:

    Ou Roger Whittaker het so een song waarin hy live optree en dan laat hy die mense so saam met hom sing en toe hulle klaar is se hy….”Bloody Marvelous”!.

  2. diskantverdwaal says:

    Lodie….doen ons ‘n guns….maak jou oë styf toe…..en, beleef dit ‘n volgende keer namens ons, wat seker nooit die voorreg sal hê om dit ook te kan beleef nie……Ina

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