Kuksa Cup

Since my visit to the Arctic Circle last year I was travelling with my Kuksa as loyal companion. I had many a cup of coffee or tea next to the KLR, holding the Kuksa to warm  my frozen hands from the Arctic cold.


On Stick’s Blog I read the following:

“As the tradition goes, a Kuksa should only be made by yourself or received as a gift.

Originally, a Kuksa (Finnish) or Guksi (Scandinavian) is a type of drinking cup made by the Sami people of Northern Scandinavia from carved birch burl. Originally Guksi were widely used in the Arctic areas as a personal drinking cup and it is said that a well made Guksi would last a lifetime.”


Today, a traditional guksi is difficult to find outside northern Scandinavia, partly because burls are seldom harvested in modern mechanized forestry. The burl is contoured to a rough shape, carefully dried to prevent the wood from cracking, then formed in accordance with the local traditions.

Birch burl kuksas last longer than plain birch kuksas. A well-made guksi would last a lifetime

With the introduction of glass, ceramic and metal drinking ware, the skill of making such duodji artwork has become a pastime skill rather than the essential one as it was in the past.

Tomorrow, when you have your first cup of coffee of tea in bed I will do the same here. Enjoy!




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5 Responses to Kuksa Cup

  1. Louis says:

    What a wonderful mug!. I am sure coffee must sommer taste much better from such a mug also. Daardie is nou ‘n wonderlike idee vd Europeers- ‘n beker is vir my nogal iets spesiaals en jy deel baie tyd met dit – ek het self ook maar my eie beker waarmee ek altyd drink al is dit nou maar ‘n gewone winkel een.

    Jy moet maar dalk so bietjie rum in die koffie gooi soos ou Kingsley Holgate met sy “renoster” koffie. Ek dink daai geur sal sommer ‘n rukkie in hom bly.

    Geniet elke oomblik van jou reis!

    • Lodie says:

      Louis dis nou interessant. Toe ek verl jaar die beker gekry het, het die mense vir my gesê die eerste sluk uit die beker moes rum wees, volgens tradisie. Dan sou die beker my altyd vergesel en ons sou terugkeer na die begin waar ons saam begin reis het. Nou was dit so. Groete!

  2. Christine R-G says:

    Just love the folklore and tradition behind the Kuksa Cup; handcrafted wood and a mug that’s personal and something totally different. And then the Dance of the Aurora Spirits – the Northern Lights calling… Such a rewarding rebellion for you, Lodie!

  3. Gerda Lombard says:

    Amazing!!!!! Sou wat wou gee om die voorreg te hê om daaruit te drink, geniet dit!!!

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