Support from Finland for the Magrietjies

Today we left our little paradise for the last four days in Rovaniemi before flying back home on Saturday. Tuija and Hiski surprised me with a huge donation of 300 Euro’s  (R 4 110.00) for the Magrietjies! Thank you so much for your generosity!!




These photograps were taken last year July.

With an anonymous donation of R 1 000,00 of last week we’ve raised R 25 282.71 so far.

2013 Ride for the Magrietjies        
      Total: R 25,282.71
Tuija and Hiski, Finland 15-Oct R 4,110.00    
Anoniem 07-Oct R 1,000.00    
Makkie & Herbert, Egypt 04-Oct R 1,500.00    
Christine 02-Oct R 200.00    
Dieter & Dorothee Moritz 02-Oct R 2,400.00    
Anoniem 01-Oct R 300.00    
Louis & Riana de Villiers 01-Oct R 1,000.00    

I look forward to getting on the KLR early November for my ride for the Magrietjies to push for R 30 000.00. I have to admit that I was a bit emotional yesterday. The thought of perhaps never coming here again was unsettling.

I received good news from Ingrid who did a great job with my second book Kate. From today it is available via as a Kindle book.

Have a good night (and it started snowing in Rovaniemi …)

Earlier donations during September 2013:

2013 Ride for the Magrietjies        
      Total: R 14,772.71
Anoniem 30-Sep R 3,917.16    
Erika van Sittert 28-Sep R 100.00    
D & A 27-Sep R 100.00    
Verjaarsdag 16-Sep R 50.00    
Piet & Martha van Zyl 15-Sep R 1,000.00    
D & A 12-Sep R 200.00    
Boksburg Biker 12-Sep R 2,000.00    
Twee Rooikoppe 11-Sep R 200.00    
T F 11-Sep R 500.00    
Helen R 10-Sep R 250.00    
Anneke 10-Sep R 200.00    
Robbie & Gerda 09-Sep R 400.00    
Minnie & Francois 06-Sep R 555.55    
Scooterbrad 06-Sep R 200.00    
GL 06-Sep R 1,000.00    
Anoniem 05-Sep R 200.00    
Philip 05-Sep R 500.00    
Marietjie 05-Sep R 500.00    
Eeton and Suzette Wickens 05-Sep R 1,000.00    
Jakkie 05-Sep R 200.00    
George Bester 04-Sep R 1,000.00    
Josh and friends 04-Sep R 500.00    
Willie + Cathy Beukes 03-Sep R 200.00    


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3 Responses to Support from Finland for the Magrietjies

  1. Dick says:

    Weet jy Lodie, dit wat jy doen as net nog ‘n deel van jou alledaagse take om geld in te samel vir liefdadigheid, is presies dit. Dit is veronderstel om deel van ons almal se lewens te wees net soos wat ons elke dag eet of asemhaal.
    Ek haal my hoed af vir jou my vriend, dat jy selfs afgesien van jou eie probleme, nog steeds al die effort insit! Well done!

  2. diskantverdwaal says:

    Dankie vir Kate via Amazon vir my Kindle…..kon nie die boek kry by 2 Exclusive Books nie…..nou net 1 probleempie….hoe gaan Lodie my Kindle kopie vir my teken? . . . . 🙂 Ina

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