Soon it is time to leave.

This post is for all the young ones and those who are still young at heart.

We paid Santa Clause a visit today. He was thrilled to have visitors from so far.  We were not allowed to take any photographs but his official photographer took a beautiful one of us.

Five of you will receive mail from him, and one will receive a letter from him before Christmas.

Here is a photograph of him holding the names of the first two who reacted first of the blog post last night.

Santa Claus with the names.

Santa Claus with the names.

While there I went to see whether my sticker of last year survived the harsh winter of last year when the temperature drop as low as -25 to -30 degrees centigrade. Unfortunately it didn’t survive. I put another sticker there. One doesn’t stop planting trees because a fire could destroy it, not so?

I put another sticker there.

I put another sticker there.

Before we went to Santa Claus we had a quick coffee in Rovaniemi. There I took a photograph of two candles and in this case I especially dedicated it to another biker family, the Louw’s, who has been struck by cancer. Gerda, we pray for your husband for a full recovery.

For Gerda Louw and her husband.

For Gerda Louw and her husband.

And the last photograph is for … I don’t know. For Finland and the wonderful Finnish people, my German friends, for in Egypt and Sudan, and all those in faraway South Africa. The same moon shines over you tonight.

The same shines over you tonight.

The same shines over you tonight.



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5 Responses to Soon it is time to leave.

  1. maryna den braanker says:

    Kiitos Joulupukki ja setä hyvä Lodie!

  2. Louis says:

    Hi Lodie.
    Firstly your moon photo is awesome. I don’t think I have ever seen such a photo where the moon is seemingly burning/ have hair/ have such a live/active quality about it.
    Interestingly enough I was in bed quite early last evening (broken ribs- as it goes with bikers;-)) and also noticed the nice fresh round moon through my bedroom window (who knows how close our timing might have been?)
    To mean something to someone is to live.
    Take care
    PS this Santa looks like the grandpa of all other Santa’s I’ve seen.

  3. Gerda says:

    Thanks for the prayers, Willie and I both appreciate it so much. Go well, have a safe flight back and we pray for good news for you for you Oncology appointment on Monday.

  4. Gerda Lombard says:

    Wat ‘n ondervinding het jy weereens gehad Lodie, ons gun jou dit met ons hele hart. Lekker “gesmile” oor Mart-Mari se naam, het dit dadelik aangestuur, sy in Australië tot volgende week. Die fotos is so ongelooflik mooi en maak mens lus om te gaan kuier …. Ek dink ALTYD aan jou in ‘n ander land en weet dan ook dieselfde son en maan skyn op almal vir wie ons lief is. Geniet die laaste paar uur.

  5. diskantverdwaal says:

    Dankie Lodie, dat ons dit saam met jou kon ervaar . . . geniet die laaste tydtjie daar….en die koue . . 🙂 Hier in Pretoria is dit kraai-gaap warm ! Ina

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