Fund-raising for the Magrietjies goes forward, step by step.

My thoughts are turning more and more to the news that I am going to get next week from the oncologist. How privileged I am to have a medical fund. So many in our town get their treatment at state hospitals that offers varying standards.

The money raised for the Magrietjies won’t change the world but it will make it a more human-friendly place.

We received most welcome donations from T.F. and Ina and Fanie, the Langenhovens and Izel van der Merwe, all from the USA, now. That took us over the R 29 000 mark! I feel like jiving! Thank you a thousand times.

Can you imagine when I touch down in South Africa on Sunday morning and many R10 and R 20 donations took us over R 30 000! If you can imagine it …

Our cheese and wine function on the 9th November will be a fun-filled event. Take my word. We will not try to get the last Rand from your pocket. To the contrary, we will have at least 10 gifts that we are going to give away. That includes at least one professional DVD about the Polar lights. The music of Duptique will do our hearts good and lift the spirit.

It is our turn to thank you.

Genade onbeskryflik groot.

Genade onbeskryflik groot.

Our fund-raising for the Magrietjies: (The total for September was R  14 772.71)

2013 Ride for the Magrietjies        
      Total: R 29,132.71
 Ina, Fanie, Langenhovens, Izel van der Merwe
 18-Oct  R 3 100.00
T. F. 16-Oct R 750.00    
Tuija & Hiski, Finland 15-Oct R 4,110.00    
Anoniem 07-Oct R 1,000.00    
Makkie & Herbert, Egypt 04-Oct R 1,500.00    
Christin 02-Oct R 200.00    
Dieter & Dorothee Moritz 02-Oct R 2,400.00    
Anoniem 01-Oct R 300.00    
Louis & Riana de Villiers 01-Oct R 1,000.00    

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6 Responses to Fund-raising for the Magrietjies goes forward, step by step.

  1. Christine R-G says:

    So good. So heart-warming and good!

  2. Kuni Ditira says:


    If you give me your postal address again, I will donate two copies of my books to give away.

    Adv Kuni Ditira DDG – Legal Services

  3. Helene Fouche says:

    Hi Lodie ek wil net dankie se wat jy vir die Magrietjies beteken. My moeder, Marthie Fouche kan nie oor jou uitgepraat raak nie en hoe wonderlike persoon jy is nie. Baie dankie vir dit wat jy ook vir haar doen! Groete Helene Fouche

    • Lodie says:

      Hallo Helene,

      Baie dankie vir die opmerking wat jy op die blog geskryf het.

      Die Magrietjies het vir my soveel beteken en emosionele ondersteuning gebied dat iets soos die fondsinsameling verlede jaar iets kleins was waarmee ek kon dankie sê.

      Hulle is almal wonderlike mense.


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