Time to do a new time schedule

Seeing old friends after a long time is like coming home. It warms the heart.

The past week Diederik Esterhuizen from Thabazimbi drove a huge detour from Johannesburg via Naboom to Thabazimbi. Yesterday Francois (Guiliame) had a long visiting session with me at the doctors’ room. Thanks guys!

I could have wished for better news yesterday. The battle for survival goes on. As Francois said, I perhaps have to do more in a shorter time to realise all my dreams now. I took your advice to heart Francois!

We will have more guests than expected at our Cheese and Wine on November 9. It is going to be a real “kuieraand” that night. As everything revolves around travel and saying Thank You the prizes that we are going to give away will be in some or other way connected to traveling.

We promised that we won’t squeeze you out of your last Rand. If anyone still wants to make a donation there will be two extraordinary objects in which you can drop a R 5 coin.

Duptique, our singer pair that evening, will sell some of their CDs for R 100.00. R 50.00 per transaction will be donated back to the Magrietjies.

I have to get riding-fit for our Botswana-Magrietjie ride starting on 12 November, a year since I thought my riding would be over for ever. Next weekend we are off to a camping site 40 km past Hoedspruit. The challenging part will be on the Sunday.

Mrs K Ditara donated two of her books for the 9th November. Thank you so much. It is much appreciated!

On Monday we will update our donor list. I cross my thumbs that we will be over R 30 000.00 then.

Yesterday evening a lady dearly loved and appreciated by her friend and family, passed away after battling cancer for three years. Margi Chasen, you will live on in our memories.

Willie Louw, one of our friends on bikes, has to go to a dentist soon. Due to the cancer treatment his teeth became loose and have to be pulled. Let’s spend them a throught and prayer.

It is not all doom and gloom, however. Let us recognise our own strength and be like a lion.

Henry More wrote: “If the lion knew his own strength, hard were it for any man to rule him.”


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3 Responses to Time to do a new time schedule

  1. Christine R-G says:

    Find the sunshine and draw from its warmth when cold and dark encroach.
    Reach a patch of shade and feel a cool breeze when the going gets too hot.
    Keep in touch with the wild – and you’re free and “a-for-away”!

  2. patricia govers-tesch says:

    You are a true lion in this battle Lodie. Love and admire you greatly.

  3. Kuni Ditira says:


    You are just extra great.

    I can imagine how difficult it is but you are always positive and thinking of others.

    I pray that the good Lord bless you with extra time for you to achieve the remainder of your bucket list.

    You are inspiration to many, and looking at us who are always complaining as if the World owes us, you make us feel ashamed.

    May the dinner be a success and hope that your endeavours make people aware of the cancer survivors and the plight of all affected by cancer.

    All the best.

    Adv Kuni Ditira DDG – Legal Services

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