How do you live?

The past weekend I spent with my younger sister in Pretoria.

She uses the Gautrain every day to get to work and made only good experiences with the passengers on the train. Last week one morning she got out at Park Station and started walking to their offices. She saw many people, black and white, made a detour around an elderly gent. He had a backpack on, dirty clothes, and a heavy body odor that was the reason why the people avoided him.

She greeted him friendly, fascinated by the signs of a well-travelled life. He was from France, travelling all over the world, and was a look-alike of our own Mr Kingsley Holgate. That morning he was travelling to George where he and his wife, who was still in France, would like to settle permanently.

He told her that he was earning his money as a practitioner of alternative healing, not following the normal route of doctors and pills.  Clearly he was what the Germans would describe as “ein Lebenskünstler”, an artist of life.

When their ways separated he suddenly stopped and called after my sister: “In any case, I am living your life for you!”

Wow! What a wake-up call! Are we really LIVING? And that doesn’t mean doing trips to faraway exotic islands or countries. Are we L I V I N G?

IMG_6673“Do not anticipate trouble, or worry about what may never happen. Keep in the sunlight.”
-Benjamin Franklin

This morning we passed the R 30 000 for the Magrietjies. It is such a humbling experience to experience all the goodwill.

End of November the fundraising will be over and I know we are going to reach R 40 000.00. In advance, thank you so much!

The banking details if you would like to do an EFT:

Banking details:

Name of account holder:   FSA Youth Exchange

Bank:   First National Bank

Account number:   620 0972 3950 (Savings)

Branch Code: 260 348

The October donations:

2013 Ride for the Magrietjies        
      Total: R 30,032.71
Anoniem 28-Oct R 200.00    
Nettie & Gerhard de Villiers 26-Oct R 500.00    
Ms K Ditara 23-Oct R 200.00    
L. Loppnow ’18-Oct R 3,100.00    
T. F. ’16-Oct R 750.00    
Tuija & Hiski, Finland 15-ct R 4,110.00    
Anoniem 07-Oct R 1,000.00    
Makkie & Herbert, Egypt 4-Oct R 1,500.00    
Christine 2-Oct R 200.00    
Dieter & Dorothee Moritz 2-Oct R 2,400.00    
Anoniem 1-Oct R 300.00    
Louis & Riana de Villiers 1-Oct R 1,000.00    

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2 Responses to How do you live?

  1. diskantverdwaal says:

    ” You only live once, but if you do it right ~ once is enough” (Mae West)

    Wat ‘n voorreg het ons nie, en sòveel Genade….. as ons dit tog net elke dag wil besef en waardeer, ek vir een, het soveel om voor Dankbaar te wees ~ ontvang soveel ‘Verniet-Genade’ uit Sy Hand . . .

  2. patricia govers-tesch says:

    Good question Lodie, are we living? I believe mankind has been daydreaming sofar. The good news is that we are all starting to wake up to a new way of living. The only entrance to it is through awareness, living in the now. Let’s hope the age, where love rules the world, comes soon.

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