We are getting closer!

The last week was a good week for our fundraising for the Magrietjies, especially if one considers that our first aim was to raise R 20 000.00. Now we are over R 33 000.00 already.

Thank you to each and every donor. Your love and contribution to the fund will be the best medicine to the soul of a cancer patient.

On Saturday the 9th November we will have the Cheese and Wine function, with which we want to thank the Magrietjies for the great work done by them. Even the one musician is connected to cancer as his wife was part of the team that treated me this year.

The event will seduce many people to start looking at faraway horizons, longing for the unknown. This is the beginning of a disease caused by the TRAVEL bug.

I don’t want to say anything more. Get on your travel boots and let’s go!

Our list of donors (October):

The team of organizers:

Lodie, Cathy, Gerda, Willie and Jakkie

This weekend two friends and I are going to test my fitness with a lovely ride to the Lowveld. We are going to camp for one night in paradise (imagine giraffes, even buffaloes, on their way to the water without any fences). On Sunday it is then the ride back home again, hopefully with many beautiful photographs.

Carpe diem!

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Africa, Africa, Africa!
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  1. Guillaume Francois says:

    Safe journey! 🙂 

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