Only a few hundred Rands!

An old travel companion an friend from Germany, Ernst-Jürgen Diekmann, made a big donation to the Magrietjies. Thank you so much Ernst!

Now for the R 40 000 mark! Whose donation will it be?


The foyer carried the message clearly: Cancer was the reason why we were there.

My two very loyal colleagues Alta and Suzanne (left and second from left). They mean so much to me.

I would like to remind you of the five beautiful hand-made handbags that will be sold to the five highest bidders. You’ve got time until 30 November! (lodie at


The banking details for any donations to the Magrietjies:

Name of account holder: FSA Youth Exchange

Bank: First National Bank

Account number: 620 0972 3950 (Savings)

Branch Code: 260 348

I will be quiet for the next week or so. I have to ride the KLR if I am raising funds for a charity. Our ride to Kazangula starts tomorrow and I have to be back on Friday in a week’s time.

On happy Friday the 13th December I will be back in Johannesburg for tests and assessments.

Remember about the handbags!

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