Kasane, paradise in Southern Africa

On Sunday we had a rest day in Kasane in Northern Botswana. After riding for three days in temperatures constantly over forty degrees we took a day off. After riding through the arid regions of the country the cool water of the Chobe river was like an oasis.

Kasane has a soft spot in my heart. I am glad that I had the chance to visit it again. I hope it won’t be the last time. If, then the trip was worth every cent spent.

The photographs were taken early Sunday morning.



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4 Responses to Kasane, paradise in Southern Africa

  1. Christine R-G says:

    Soul food!

  2. Bummi says:

    Paradise indeed…savour every precious minute spent in such pristine beauty… Take good care, Bummi

  3. Chris says:

    Garden of EDEN!!

  4. patricia govers-tesch says:

    How beautiful and peaceful. Good ride Lodie!

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