Wanted: One Francois on a KLR in Maun

We arrived in Maun quite early this morning. Francois wanted to stop at a hardware shop. I stopped about 40m further at a coffee shop. I parked the bike so that Francois could see it.

I was inside ordering a slice of carrot cake when I heard his bike starting up. Instead of parking next to my bike I heard his bike roaring past. As it normally is when one loses a travel companion you stay at the place where you lost each other.

I did but after a while there was still no sign of Francois.

I then rode to the old Riley’s Hotel. I told Francois of it.

So now I am sitting here on the stoep, waiting for the sound his KLR.

If he does not pitch up within the next half an hour I am going to ride up and down the streets of the CBD.

If you see him somewhere please turn his KLR either to Old Riley’s Hotel or Audi camping site. 🙂

Last night we camped near Gweta surrounded by beautiful baobab trees.

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5 Responses to Wanted: One Francois on a KLR in Maun

  1. Emil Bosch says:

    So … he rode off without you, Lodie?! Perhaps he didn’t see your KLR? I hope he had turned back by now.

    But then: What an adventure!

  2. Christina duToit says:

    Smile…ai toggie… ek bid dat hy vinnig weer by jou aansluit en die raaisel van waar hy hom tans bevind verby is ou Lodie.

    Baie bly julle kan hierdie trippie geniet!
    Dink aan julle gereeld.

    Seen en vrede

    Christina duToit

  3. Ria says:

    Hi…laat weet asb of jy hom gekry het….. van wat ek kan onthou, is Maun darem nie so groot nie…..mind you, dit was way back in ’85….lol.

  4. Christine R-G says:

    By now you will be re-united – good excuse to celebrate something more. Nice picture.

  5. He he he ……! soms gebeur dit mos maar. Hoop julle ry alweer saam. Geniet!!

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