I cannot write for hours on end, but I can move photograhs around and attach small stories to it.

Earlier this week I didn’t feel so well.

My travel spirit will never forsake me, but, I have to admit, neither do I have the physical strenght to pick up my bike (worst case scenario).

I still have to share so much with ordinary people like you and me.. Enough is said and written about my first trip across Africa to Germany via the Russian border. Kate filled in the blank spots.

One year later, May 2009, we left on a trip across Africa with my KZ-TE pickup truck. The name of the project was AFRICA OUR HOME. Our sponsor, Anja from Germany, and I wanted to proof that despite bad patches Afrika wasn’t only doom and gloom. We pre-selected four ex-FSA exchange students who, with their cameras and notebooks, unrolled a new view on Africa for us.

A year later I left from Germany again, across Africa to Cape Town and then back to my home in Naboomspruit. Again after many months and thousands of kilometer I had to admit it was the most pleasant ride until then. The highlight was again the friendliness of the Africans.

And then, 2012, Russia, Siberia, Nordkapp and the four Scandinavian countries. The year with many wrong travel decisions.

So much to share, so little time to do it.

My plans are: Instead of spending so much time writing and editing I want to tell the last three stories by means of my photographs. One good photograph is worth a 1 000 words.

It is going to be only in the electronic format. More photographs to tell the story. And the best will be that it will be completely free of charge!

I consider doing the short text pieces in Afrikaans, my home language. Perhaps the is an English person that wants to share in the feeling of Ubunto.

Let me know what you think.

Photographs top left Women in Ethiopia, carrying heavy burdens. Anja with the FSA flag at Lake Malawi. Below Anja and Inge in Botswana.


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14 Responses to I cannot write for hours on end, but I can move photograhs around and attach small stories to it.

  1. maryna den braanker says:

    They ‘HAVE’ it. . . We ‘LOVE’ it !!!
    It all ‘BELONGS’ to US – who love and live EVERYTHING that is touched by the SUN !
    The SUN is my ‘lens’ through which I see the LOVE & GRACE of GOD!

  2. lou says:

    Hi Lodie, ek dink dis n great idee, ek stem, n foto vertel n storie. Soos die vrouens wat swaar dra aan hul “burdens”, maar met n glimlag. Daar is tog n les in vir ons almal.

  3. Gerda Lombard says:

    Hi liewe Lodie, weereens is jy so kreatief en dink aan idees om jou uit druk en ons te beindruk! Gaan so voort! Dink aan jou.

  4. Diederik says:

    Hi Lodie. Dis reg, laat die foto’s die stories vertel deur die Gees.

  5. Gerda Louw says:

    Gerda Louw

    Elke foto vertel sy eie storie!!! Sterkte Lodie dink aan jou.

  6. Patricia Govers-Tesch says:

    Good idea Lodie! I think the expression is “a picture paints a thousand words”, so YES paint for us… we love hearing from you and share your warm feelings for AFRICA, its people and its development!

  7. Kuni Ditira says:


    If you don’t get an English person I can do it. I can even write in English. Like I said sometime ago I think you should do a coffee table book. Just a suggestion.

    This is a great idea. Good luck.

  8. Christine R-G says:

    Yes, Lodie. The heavy “man-work” burden carried with unquestioning acceptance. The gentle friendliness communicates the message of Ubuntu in this triangle of feminine nurturing – sustaining daily lives and educating – ‘I am because you are”.

  9. Chris Claassen says:

    Hi Lodie
    Ek en my vrou was die naweek (01/02/2014-02/02/2014) by die Naboom KLR saamtrek. Dit is die eerste keer dat ek jou ontmoet en ek moet se dat saterdag aand na jou toespraak het ek eers besef hoe groot jou omgee is vir jou medemens. Dit was n eer om jou te ontmoet.
    Chris (Klasie)

  10. Guillaume Francois says:

    “If wealth was the inevitable result of hard work and enterprise, every woman in Africa would be a millionaire.”

    ― George Monbiot –

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