Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Most foreign tourists fly to Cape Town to

– See one of the most beautiful cities in die world (Please close your eyes before landing so that you don’t see the poor shacks next to the airport, or fly KLM with a late evening arrival in the Mother City).

– to visit wine farms and sip some wine. If you are a Japanese tourist that normally takes 20 minutes rush-rush.

– Table Mountain and Robben Island.

– Clifton and the other beaches with the smallest piece of cloth, or nothing at all, to protect the body from preying eyes and not from the killer sun.

– Man o man, that is pure holiday, relaxation. And inbetween buy quickly a house in the Gardens at a price well out of the range of locals. Free market trade.

Despite the overwhelming proof that Cape Town is the non plus ultra city I med a lady who stole my heart completely. But she is not from the Cape. It is better to keep your love for her for yourself because people won’t understand. Think back to the infamous Apartheid and boytjie from the platteland who fell in love with a labourer’s daugther. You were an outcast.

My new love is fine and elegant. Her mixed origin is clear to seen. At the same time she can be brutally violent.

She has, to my opinion, more soul and spirit than Cape Town.

Her name is Jozi, or Egoli, or Johannesburg if she gets a few over the knuckles.

Thanks to my treatment in Josi I had the privilege of getting und her skin where she exposed her soul to me. It is a vibrant soul without rest. I look forward to see more from her. I still have a go a long way with her, but I have the time. My treatment will take me back to Jozi until at least July.

Jozi is noise and taxis and pedestrians and finger signs and lakes and peaceful green areas and live music on the streets and stiff millionaires being rushed by their chauffeurs to keep Gauteng on the go.

One comes not to Jozi to “see” like in Cape Town. One experiences Jozi. One smells Jozi. Sit down and listen. Feel. And one day she will he there and you will be hooked.

Over the next few weeks I will introduce you to another side of our financial backbone. Try and open your heart.

“Our skyscrapers don’t just scrape, they scribble.”
Spires of Newtown
By Gus Silber (

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6 Responses to Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

  1. maryna den braanker says:

    There IS something about cities that really inspires me. To see first hand just how ingenious humans can be, especially when faced with construction challenges!

  2. Patricia Govers-Tesch says:

    What a wonderful description Lodie of a city you are now forced to be. You really are amazing to be able to turn it into a love affaire! I spent about 7 weeks in Capetown 1990 waiting for the birth a little baby of a friend (she and I lived in Kinshasa where hospitals are a dissaster). Never had a chance to visit Joburg… so yes please tell me about your new found love! BIG HUG from Patti and Bernd

    • Lodie says:

      Liebe Patti! Es freut mich, dass es Dir gefällt, mehr über Johannesburg von Jozi zu sehen. Viele Grüße auch an Bern!

  3. ‘City of Gold’ . . . totaal uit ‘n ander oogpunt gesien ~ en dis mooi . . .
    Groete uit ‘n koue – nat -amper wegspoel – wegwaai winderige. . . .( Meeste water ooit in 250jaar in Engeland!! ) . . London . (“,) Ina

  4. Guillaume Francois says:

    Lodie, I tend to agree with you.
    It looks like the old power station (now called Turbine Hall) in the foreground.
    Complete with secure underground parking. (Loved it)

    The inside has been converted to a contemporary rustic building that caters for event, functions, conferences etc. (Rather than demolishing the old, change the function and re-use.)

    I’m pleased to hear that you are experiencing the soul of Jozi.

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