A morning, next to the road, in Lithuanian

It was a June morning in 2012. Not long after I crossed the border from Poland into Lithuanian I decided to have a small breakfast next to the road.

An old East German car, a Trabant (Trabi) caught my eye. It was a wreck with a few flowers growing in the wreck, if I remember correctly. I took a few photographs and put one of my stickers on the car.

This morning I received an email from Britain from a Mr G Hendrey. After reading this email I felt a rush of adventure, a longing for the open roads, that pushed the cancer into a corner of no-importance. I feel like travelling like never before!

Thanks my unknown friend for the email and the following four photographs!

Hi Lodie,

Thought you’d be interested to know that your sticker is still on the Trabant wreck shortly after crossing into Lithuania from Poland. We took these photos whilst on our trip last year (2012).

You can imagine our surprise at finding your sticker, in such an out of the way place. I of course meant to contact you there and then but on the road it didn’t happen and then the other day I was looking through our photos and saw the sticker again.

I had a look at your blog and see you have done a few adventures. We still have in mind to travel through Africa, but so far we mainly travel in Europe. We have ridden almost every tar road in SA (less than 5% to go), and a lot of gravels ones too, as part of a personal challenge over the last 10 years.

I got the 1200 Multistrada for my 60th last year and my wife was on her Honda 500. We travelled 7000km across Europe via Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Poland, then north through the 3 Baltic states. Then ferry from Riga to Stockholm, across Sweden to Norway, then Denmark, Germany and back to UK. We camped all the way and of course had a good time!


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5 Responses to A morning, next to the road, in Lithuanian

  1. Johnita says:

    Dit is awesome. Seker die gedagtes gaan baie ver. Dit voel soos nou die dag wat jy daar was. Sterkte Lodie

  2. Christine R-G says:

    Exciting revisit!

  3. Christina duToit says:

    Wow, DIT was nou lekker om te lees!!!

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  4. Gerda Lombard says:

    Wat ‘n mooi verhaal, dit sit sommer ‘n glimlag op ‘n mens se gesig ……. solank mens kan droom, lewe jy.

  5. letty says:

    Lodie you are one of a kind! Thank God that you keep me strong! I still pray that you remain strong

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