Going back

Travelling through a country a first time is a privilege.

Visiting a country a second time is a blessing.

I received a big gift. I have three siblings. We four are on our way for travel from Rovaniemi in Finland across the Arctic Circle to Nordkapp, Norway, on my tracks of two year ago on the KLR.

On the wings of a dove to Nordkapp.

On the wings of a dove to Nordkapp.

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Africa, Africa, Africa!
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6 Responses to Going back

  1. Christine says:

    Bliss shared four ways is blessings quadrupled!

  2. Patricia Govers-Tesch says:

    That´s fantastic Lodie; this time it is I being a bit jealous! Enjoy every minute with your siblings in that marvelous part of the world!

  3. Dorothee says:

    Really?? Geniet it!!!

  4. The Rider says:

    Is dit al sulke tyd? Lodie, julle moet dit baie geniet! Mag die Noorderligte baie spesiaal wees!

  5. Christina says:

    Wonderlik Lodie! Dit gaan ‘n wonderlike geseende en spesiale tyd wees. Sien uit na die fotos en nuus soos jy geleentheid gaan kry om te share met ons wat van waar af ookal saam julle reis…

  6. Ivi says:

    Dear Lodie, Enjoy!!!!!! Many kisses and lovely greetings from Ivi, Det, Fin und Nele

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