We are so blessed!

We four siblings are blessed that we are best friends.

Our late parents are blessed for turning some rowdy teenagers into loving friends.

We are blessed to have two crosses for our parents. One is going to be planted at Nordkapp, the other close to the end of the journey.

I would like to quote from my diary from around 19 July 2012.

Quote: “Francesco Negri (1624 – 1698) was considered to be the first tourist to visit North Cape. Negri, priest and scientist from Ravenna in Italy, travelled alone from Italy to North Cape mostly on foot or by what little public transport there was along the way. Finally, on reaching his destination, he exclaims: ‘Here I am at North Cape, the northernmost tip of Finnmark, and I might just as well say the edge of the world as there is no place further north that is inhabited by people. My quest for knowledge has now been satisfied and I wish to return to Denmark, and God willing, to my country of birth.”

…to my country of my birth … God willing. After many months on the road I felt the same. And now we are returning!

One week to go!

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