Stranger than fiction

Today I experienced something stranger as the weirdest fiction.

June 2012: On my first day in Russia I got totally lost in a huge forest. Late afternoon, in soaking rain, I came upon a Russian town. At a hairdresser I found a lady who could speak a few words English. She organised a bed for me with friends of her. They invited me into their home like an old friend. They laid out a feast for me which went on until long after midnight.

The next morning they gave me a small white toy rabbit as farewell gift so that I always would remember them.

On my way back from Siberia after crossing the Arctic Circle on one particular day, I was freezing on the KLR. I stopped at a roadside shop and bought a poncho to warm me up at night time. I didn’t have any space available in any of the panniers. I had to take out the white rabbit and in soaking rain I put it against the wall of the shop and left it there.

This morning on our way north to Norway we stopped at the same shop. The same lady of two years ago was still working there. I told her the story of the rabbit. Her face lit up and she started searching in a huge box. And there, after two years and two months, I got the toy rabbit back!!

Merja, thank you so much for keeping the toy rabbit as if you knew that I would come back for it! (

A fairy tale with a happy ending which I had to share.

A big man smiles about a toy rabbit.

A big man smiles about a toy rabbit.

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7 Responses to Stranger than fiction

  1. Patricia Govers-Tesch says:

    Oh that is just soooo beautiful Lodie! A fantastic little story… and you look fantastic i must say!

  2. Gerda Lombard says:

    Dit is net ongelooflik ……. is met stomheid geslaan …..

  3. Christine says:

    Heartwarming and truly awesome.

  4. Johnita says:

    Dit is die klein goedjies in die lewe wat saak maak.

  5. Riana (Isabella) says:

    Wonderlike storie!!

  6. Marianne van Niekerk says:

    Dis wat ek in jou bewonder het, niks ooit te doodgewoon of nietig om te waardeer nie, dankie vir d mooiste voorbeeld van werkklik LEWE!! Ek sal jou in my gedagtes altyd saamdra…

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