Autumn on the Artic Circle in Finland.

Photo taken 75km northwest of Rovaniemi.


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Rovaniemi, Finland

After travelling only 22 hours we got to Rovaniemi on Friday night. But boy o boy, did my bum hurt! I cannot believe that two years ago I sat for nearly 25 000 km on the KLR saddle.

A weak sun is shining with very little heat in the rays. It was cold enough for me to don beanie and scarf.

I needed some warmth and the beanie and scarf did wonders.

I needed some warmth and the beanie and scarf did wonders.

Before this journey I read an amazing book about travel in Lapland. It was written way back in 1857 by Taylor Bayard, called Northern Travel Summer and Winter Pictures of Sweden Denmark and Lapland. I quote:

“The male deer used for draft are always castrated, which operation the old Lapp women perform by slowly chewing the glands between their teeth until they are reduced to a pulp, without wounding the hide.”

And today I saw a painting in the Arktikum museum. Have a look at he lady on the bottom left corner.

Regards from Lapland!

It is not my idea of biltong.

It is not my idea of biltong.

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One day to go!

One day to go!

One day to go! The KLR at Nordkapp 2012

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I attended a matric class reunion in Ladybrand in the beautiful Eastern Free State the past weekend.

One of my school friends asked me to have a look at the following. It is in German and our adventurous German readers could find it interesting. So little foreigners know anything about ths mountain kingdom.


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We are so blessed!

We four siblings are blessed that we are best friends.

Our late parents are blessed for turning some rowdy teenagers into loving friends.

We are blessed to have two crosses for our parents. One is going to be planted at Nordkapp, the other close to the end of the journey.

I would like to quote from my diary from around 19 July 2012.

Quote: “Francesco Negri (1624 – 1698) was considered to be the first tourist to visit North Cape. Negri, priest and scientist from Ravenna in Italy, travelled alone from Italy to North Cape mostly on foot or by what little public transport there was along the way. Finally, on reaching his destination, he exclaims: ‘Here I am at North Cape, the northernmost tip of Finnmark, and I might just as well say the edge of the world as there is no place further north that is inhabited by people. My quest for knowledge has now been satisfied and I wish to return to Denmark, and God willing, to my country of birth.”

…to my country of my birth … God willing. After many months on the road I felt the same. And now we are returning!

One week to go!

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Twee Riviere Fees, 19 en 20 September 2014

Die Twee Riviere Fees

Die Twee Riviere Fees

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Going back

Travelling through a country a first time is a privilege.

Visiting a country a second time is a blessing.

I received a big gift. I have three siblings. We four are on our way for travel from Rovaniemi in Finland across the Arctic Circle to Nordkapp, Norway, on my tracks of two year ago on the KLR.

On the wings of a dove to Nordkapp.

On the wings of a dove to Nordkapp.

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