With Makkie and Herbert, my friends from Cairo.

Will the KLR be capable to do another long ride to Cairo?

Will I be strong enough to keep going for weeks on end?

I don’t know and I don’t know if I care about it. With good friends close to me I enjoy every second of life!

I believe that here eyes are a good indication of her natural beauty.

I believe that here eyes are a good indication of her natural beauty.

Friendly eyes that couldn't stop smiling.

Friendly eyes that couldn’t stop smiling.

Silence.  It is a privilege to smell the salty sea air.

It is a privilege to smell the salty sea air.

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A golden, beautiful winter afternoon

The next goal for the KLR is the 120 000 km mark. Just over 4 000 km to go …

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58 letters!

I received this photograph this week. A German friend sent it to me. It was taken in Ireland.

The name of the town consists of 58 letters!

Try to pronounce it!


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This weekend was my first solo ride with the Old Lady, the KLR.

Last week we had brilliant winter weather: Sunshine, blue skies, and mild temperature between 22 and 25 degrees centigrade during daytime.

I wish I had 77 senses so that I could absorb the beauty of life, colours and smells much better. And then I realised that I miss the long and lonely days that I’d spent on the KLR. I had to spend some time on the KLR.

I packed the bike early Saturday and left north, to the Far Northern Transvaal. (I will not tell my oncologist) The sunshine disappeared and soon I was riding into a misty cold bushveld. Neither the cold misty weather nor my frozen body could lessen the joy of being alive. THANKS dear Lord!

A place that had a very special place in my youth memory was Bandelierskop, a station on the main railway line to Zimbabwe.

The two photographs will tell the story of sweet memories.

(On Tuesday I am back at the hospital, innocent as a biker only can be)

Ruins. The human beings again showed no appreciation to preserve our heritage.

Ruins. The human beings again showed no appreciation to preserve our heritage.



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Surviving in the wild.

Recently I said to the oncologist I wonder whose victim I would be: Would I die of cancer or would I starve to death?

As you perhaps know during chemo one struggles to eat and in many cases the smell of meat being prepared is the worst smell imaginable.

That happened to me as well. I couldn’t stand the smell or taste of meat. The result was my body started using up all my reserves and I lost 25kg in weight.

The Germans love to eat raw mince, tartar. My body started begging for mince. Friends invited me over. I accepted the invitation but told them I would bring my own food. At table I unpacked my meal: 250g beef mince, raw onion cut in fine slices, salt, pepper.

For the first time in fourteen months I managed to gorge myself on meat.

Last week I was in hospital for six days. The food of the Wilgers hospital was excellent. One day at lunch I asked them whether I could have my own food. As I prepared my food the staff couldn’t believe their eyes.

Thanks Andrew and Suzanne. The mince was excellent.

If you have the courage try this and please send me a picture of you eating the raw mince.

Perhaps one day we will have a National Raw Mince Day :-)

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Waarom ek so stil is?

imageMy apologies to all readers who don’t understand Afrikaans.

Ek is skuldig daaraan dat ek tans baie min op my blog skryf. As ek die kanker eendag kan klop, sal ek vergoed.

intussen slaap ek baie, of is ek laatnag wakker. Dan doen mens vreemde goed, soos ‘n gedig skryf. ‘n Mens moet jouself ook nie te ernstig opneem nie.

Dit is 00:23, die uur,
wanneer die nagduiwels hul
Mensewrakke uit rykmanskombuise en van
verslete kotsbevlekte huise-van-geen-hoop
kom haal

Die string verslaafdes wat met bewerige maer en vuil hande
deur papierkoevertjies na die laaste paar krummels wit poeier soek
waarmee hul vir altyd wil wegkoms uit die aarde se baan
wat hul keer op keer terugtrek na hul hel op aarde.

Ons is ‘n sieklike bespotting van Nabucco se Slawekoor. Die enigste
Hemelse is die shot wat miskien gaan kom.

Tussen kanker- en pynpille en morfienplakkers word ek wakker,
Die pakkie lĂȘ voor my op die tafel. Versigtig vou ek die papier oop
en haal een, twee en toe ‘n derde stuk uit en prop dit in my mond.
Kouend kom die ontspanning.

Heerlike soet Duitse sjokolade


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7 May 2008 – one of the highlights!

Today, six years ago, I reached Cairo.

Yesterday a friend of many years passed away. She was diagnosed with cancer only four months ago. Rest in peace dear Magda.

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