Thank you for your attendance

Dear friends,

Thank you so much for attending Lodie’s Celebration of Life on 10 January 2015. For us, his family, it was a privilege to listen to all the memories that were shared. To all Lodie’s friends who sent emails and messages, we thank you for being part of the Celebration even though it was not possible to physically join us at the Bosboma in Pretoria.

I would like to share a few pictures with you, taken by Sandra from D Square Photography.

May his spirit roam free in Africa, and may we never forget the special impact he had on all of us.

Kind regards,
Ina, Dorette and Ronelle

About Lodie

Africa, Africa, Africa!
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6 Responses to Thank you for your attendance

  1. Patricia Govers-Tesch says:

    Thank you for these foto´s. How we would have liked to have been there with you. No, we will not forget the special impact Lodie has/had on our lives. Sending you three a big warm hug!

  2. Elana Swart says:

    Hi Dorette Ek het jou probeer in die hand kry. Is daar n manier wat ek jou kan kontak. Groete Elana Swart

  3. Lodie says:

    Thank you so much – your message was also read out at the Celebration. Lodie never forgot that camp fire!

  4. Gerda Lombard says:

    Thanks so much for the photos, never ever we will forget him. RIP Lodie, you will always be missed.

  5. Kuni Ditira says:

    Dorette it was nice seen you. thanks for allowing me to translate Kate into Setswana which I called Mosidi. Kuni Ditira

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