Riga, Latvia (3)

Read the below only if you want to smile and not to be irritated. You already know the story: A guy on his KLR having too much time on hand so he starts thinking …

While reading some of the descriptions outside the museum two German tourists came and stood next to me, reading about the museum. There was a big poster of Hitler next to the information.

Then the one said to the other: “O, that is just some kind of political museum, not interesting. Let’s go.”

And as they disappeared around the corner I had to smile. They could have been a South African couple outside the Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg.

What a pity that those who need to see and hear always stubbornly refuse to do so.

When will we ever learn and make peace with the past? O, and we mustn’t say WE want to but THEY don’t let us not forget.

What impressed me most about the museum yesterday and also the Apartheids museum is that in neither museum German-bashing or white-bashing took place.

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