What a wet and miserable day!

Last night it started raining and it hasn’t stopped yet. This morning the river next to the camping site was a wild brown current charging down the valley.

I woke up during the night and discovered that my feet and sleeping bag were soaking wet. While I was sleeping I pushed with my feet the inner tent against the soaking wet outer tent, and you campers will know what the results was. The inner tent got soaking wet, and so my sleeping bag as well.

While packing up the tent the rest of my gear got soaked as well. The glamorous mornings of riding a bike and camping …

I started riding and immediately the visor fogged up (correct English?), so up the visor went and the drops of rain and cold air bit into my cheeks and eyes. I stopped at a filling station after 3 km’s and stood next to the dripping bike. My only thoughts were ‘how on earth can one ride a bike if you can’t see the road ahead of you?’.

It went like that for the next 160 km. It was Monday so the big trucks were back on the highways. If they hadn’t sprayed me with water in the right lane I was in the in the way of the much faster cars in the left lane. And it was cold …

At Linz going down to a tunnel the rear wheel of the KLR suddenly slipped and I corrected it, just to slip again! My first thoughts were oil? Diesel? Flat tyre? And as I entered the tunnel and rode into the warmer air the visor went white with fog, even the two mirrors. The result of suddenly riding into warmer air. I had to open the visor again and ride like that in a tunnel filled with moist and diesel damps and soot. There was no possibility to stop with three lanes of vehicles coming up behind me. Fortunately the wheel wasn’t flat but I realized that the riding conditions were getting worse and I had to get off the road.

Around 2:30 I pulled off after deciding that it was not worth chasing the day’s planned destination. Tomorrow I have to read Wroclaw in Poland, and the weather forecast isn’t good for the Czech Republic that I still have to cross. Even cooler weather and more rain than today is forecasted for tomorrow.

And I dropped the bike for the first time. I tried to put it on the centre stand but my feet slipped, so Bang! it went down on its right side.

Today I questioned my sanity for riding alone and heading for Russia.

I had some remarks about the flies of last night. I added two photographs.

“In the beginning God created the fly, and then forgot to tell us why.” J

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10 Responses to What a wet and miserable day!

  1. Lodie, Lodewyk, LOOD!!!! Ja dis wat jy in jou potlood het, so 1 ding weet ons klomp pissies, en dis dat jy weereens met Abba Vader se Wind in jou seile, hierie n awesome en memorable trip gaan maak, “noma kan’jane” soos Oom Angus se ” COME WHAT MAY!!!” . So boeta, ons is met jou, harte verweef, biddend…U WILL SUCCEED, AND THAT AWESOMELY!!! Bless jou, Yster!!!

    • Lodie says:

      Hallo Willie! Ai dis lekker om weer van jou te hoor! Baie dankie vir die mooi woorde! Ja, God is good! Groete!

  2. Louis de Villiers says:

    Hello Lodie, ons dink aan jou en weet hoe dit voel om in sulke giere weer te kamp.
    Ek dink dis egter 10 keer erger om dit met ‘n motorfiets te doen. Ek kan nie help om te dink dat lekker sou wees om dit saam met jou te kon ervaar nie. Alles wat mooi is en baie sterkte met die reis vorentoe! Louis & Riana.

  3. louisa says:

    Lodie! Onthou jy ry nooit alleen! N Goeie Vader ry altyd saam!

  4. Dick says:

    Lodie, elke struikelblok het ‘n doel, en elke doel ‘n les. Dis hoekom jy doen wat jy doen – om te ervaar, te groei, te leer, te deel en bowendien, om andere te help.
    Jy weet ons dink aan jou en glo dat niks sal skeefloop nie. Net so moet jy ook dink aan ons arme boggers wat by die werk sit en kwyl om daar saam met jou te wees. Maar ek gun jou elke oomblik van jou genot, want jy verdien die lekker daarvan!

  5. Selomie says:

    Stekte daar. Die volgende kamp sal sommer beter wees. Geniet dit.

  6. Ronel says:

    Hi Lodie. Lekker ry en geniet dit!!!!!!

    • Philip en Marietjie says:

      Hi Lodie, ek kan dink dat jy in die ongemaklike situasie, jouself moes afvra of jy die regte ding doen! Maar jy is mos op ‘n lewens avontuur reis, en ons het geweet daar gaan “challenges” wees, dis deel van die avontuur. Kyk op, glo en leef wat jy glo, dan sal jou paaie gelyk gemaak word. Ons volg jou slaafs op elke dag se ervarings.

      Bosveld Groete.


  7. Hallo Lodie, net nou die dag jou boek gelees en hier gaan jy al weer! Sal die reis op die blog volg en effens jaloers wees… Mag dit ‘n goeie reis wees!

  8. Gerda Lombard says:

    Die fotos BAIE geniet!! Veral die vlieë!!! Kan die nie glo nie.

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