We rediscover more about the giant Jozi / johannesburg / Egoli

“Johannesburg … Ten Ahead … A decade of inner-city regeneration.”

Ten Ahead
Gerald Garner

Two more projects fascinated me. It is about a city turning around.

The Forum

Have a look what can be done instead of letting a building going down the dumps.

Mill Junction

What is the potential of an unused frain silo in a city where young students need accommodation? Have a look.

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1 Response to We rediscover more about the giant Jozi / johannesburg / Egoli

  1. Lou says:

    n stelsel sonder “waste product”! Die idee om die minimum wegtegooi en die maksimum te hergebruik is waar ons antwoord le. Ons moet wegbeweeg van die idee om als “nuut” te wil he. Groot duime op vir die ouens wat so buite die boks kan dink.

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