When and where is it the end of the road for the KLR?

Is the end of the road for the KLR not in Africa?

 “To believe in yourself and to follow your dreams, to have goals in life and a drive to succeed, and to surround yourself with the things and the people that make you happy – this is success!” – Sasha Azevedo

On the fourth day of the New Year I want to wish all of you a wonderful, blessed and exciting new year!

On my previous two long distance tours with the KLR my first port of call in Germany was in Möhringen. Anne and Archie Rebstock are old friends of many tours in Southern Africa. We now had the privilege of spending New Year with them. But something was missing. My KLR. On my previous two visits I arrived there on the trusty old KLR.

At the moment I am busy with a huge struggle. It is decision time. My head tells me to complete what I couldn’t do during the 2008 trip: Russia, Siberia and Mongolia. My heart tells me there is no continent more wonderful, more fascinating and more testing to travel through than Africa. I miss the Nubian desert, the Sudanese people. And I’ve got South African friends that would love to join me on a ride to the pyramids of Giza.

Adding to the conflicting arguments is the cost of getting the KLR back to South Africa after riding through Russia / Siberia. Ulan Bataar is really on the other side of the world. One possibility that crossed my mind is to leave the KLR behind in Mongolia after completing the trip. But is it fair to this trusty travelling companion that carried me through many a desert? Must I perhaps try to find a sponsor to assist in bringing back the bike? Is there really anything to gain for an advertiser to say his company aided in bringing back a KLR with far more than 100 000 km on the clock to SA?

As in the past I would love to hear what you think. Write me your comments. Let us start brain storming to get all those brilliant ideas together of which I am not capable 🙂

Have a look again at the quote with which I started this post. I was privileged to spend quality time with real adventurers like Jolandie Rust. A quote of her that I loved:  Even if I have to crawl then I will crawl, but I am going around Africa!

Let us start crawling for all our different dreams!

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8 Responses to When and where is it the end of the road for the KLR?

  1. louisa says:

    Mooi geskryf! Los Rusland! Doen Afrika!!!!!

  2. Neil Buckley says:

    Lodie, a wise man once told me! that we follow our heart and we conquer our dreams! Although that was on your stoep after a couple of Rums 🙂 but i believe it to be true.

    Please do not leave the bike in Mongolia, I have ridden the trusty steed and believe that one day it should retire with you close by your side you have many stories that you share together and i am sure you have confided in the KLR and if could write a book i believe it would be a best seller 🙂

    There is always means and ways of getting the bike back to SA, I myself will campaign to get sponsors on board to bring it back!

    Happy new year my good man! may all your dreams for the year come true.

    Best Wishes
    Neil ( Smokenfly )

  3. Guillaume Francois says:

    Lodie, you once shared a dream, that you would like to own a coffee shop where the KLR will be on display. And where, if a biker stopped for coffee he or she won’t have to pay for the coffee.

    How would this dream be realised if the KLR is left behind in Mongolia?
    We pay dearly for sentiment.
    What is the sentimental value of the KLR? Lodie only you will know the answer.

    The freight/shipping cost will exceed the value of the KLR by far. (Don’t have any experience in this field.)

    Have a good 2012. (I don’t want say something cheesy so I will leave it at that.)

    Francois (Gullio)

  4. Lodie says:

    Francois, Neil, you guys are right. The KLR has to come back, come what may. To quote: “We pay dearly for sentiment.” How true.

    I started working on getting funds to bring the old bad boy back from Ulan Bataar. Hold thumbs that there are still adventurous spirits dwelling the highways and office blocks of our country.

  5. Neil Buckley says:

    Good luck and let me know if you would like any assistance i am happy to approach potential sponsors.

  6. Lodie says:

    Hi Neil! I’ve started yesterday and continued today. ANY assistance from your side re approaching of potential sponsors would be great!! I know that I am starting to ride 1 June, whether it is from Cape Aghullas or Munich.

  7. Neil Buckley says:

    I will do my best and keep you posted i have a few idea’s 🙂

  8. Beste Lodie, Mag ek net meld dat jy my vertroue in die mensdom weer herstel het. Dit is duidelik dat nie almal in die lewe onder dieselfde kam geskeer behoort te word nie. Jou optrede verlede Sondag deur jou huis en gereedskap beskikbaar te stel aan ons wildvreemde drie motorfietsryers in nood het bo alle twyfel bevestig dat jy oor geweldige naasteliefde beskik. Baie dankie nogmaals vir die hulp en Gods rykste seen vir jou.

    Baie groete
    Johann (de Jager)

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