Saturday night was a feast of love (just a pity some preach but do not live love)

It is perhaps the first time ever that I start a blog post with the bitter taste of irritation in my mouth. Ewald, my friend, now I understand more what you so often have to endure.

The function itself was a huge success. We had a big turnout and the people enjoyed the evening and especially the music of Duptique. The sight of all those people giving Isak and Derek a standing ovation at the end was the highlight of the evening.

My personal fundraising for the Magrietjies: I have to stress the point again. Every single cent donated to the Magrietjies will go to the Magrietjies.

COMPETITION: The manufacturer donated another five of these bags exlusively made for the fundraising. It is a high quality bag with an ugly face on the one side. Make an offer for a bag. The five highest bidders will each receive a bag. Closing date for the offers: 30 November 2013. You can send me an email to lodie at, or on the blog directly.

We are close to R 40 000! Please help us so that We can exceed R 40 000 before the end of November, when the fundraising stops.

Name of account holder: FSA Youth Exchange

Bank: First National Bank

Account number: 620 0972 3950 (Savings)

Branch Code: 260 348

Old Faitful with 112 000 km on the clock was nearly the guest of honour.

Jakkie, Gerda and Cathy plus all the volunteers put in a huge effort with the tables.

The keyring gift to all the guests was a huge surprise, to me as well.

Love is not restricted to a certain age.

Derek and Isak, the musicians. Their music was the highlight of the evening. Thank you guys! To book for a show call Isak at 0844881245.

Mrs Martie Fouche, the chairperson of the Magrietjies.

The people sang with, totally carried away.

The cross that I got from the people in Egypt.

Another surprise.

Candles in the wind …

My sisters Ronelle and Dorette.

I left my carema at home. Anneke Pienaar took the photographs above. It is much appreciated Anneke!

People put in R 2 840 in my riding boot. Thank you so much!

A sad time always. Time to say goodbye. To Eeton and Suzette from Kenhardt, Charlene and Andrew Moss from East London, Tanja Fischer from Bloemfontein, Estelle and Hannalize from Welkom, Ronelle, Chris and Anton from Ventersdorp, Magda and Marinus Blankestijn from Bothaville.

Why was I so upset in the beginning?

On Saturday night after the function so many people stayed behind to help clean up the church hall. I was impressed with the enthusiasm with which everything was done. On Sunday morning one of the elders mentioned to Jakkie how clean everything was.

This morning she received a call from a lady from the church, complaining that we left the church hall in a pigsty condition back.

No 1: It was not true.

No 2: Is that the tone that believers should use to each other to address problems?

No 3: I hate threats like “We will seriously reconsider before helping you again.”

In love I ask I now the NG Kerk Naboomspruit to match the amount raised for the Magrietjies. What a positive message that would be to a cold world that charity in Naboomspruit is well and alive.

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3 Responses to Saturday night was a feast of love (just a pity some preach but do not live love)

  1. Makkie Hattingh says:

    Dit lyk na ‘n wonderlike geleentheid. Baie geluk aan almal wat betrokke was. So spyt ons kon nie daar wees nie.
    Ek wil so ‘n sak hê! Sal die baas se arm moet draai.☺

  2. Gerda Lombard says:

    SOO bly alles het goed afgeloop, sou bitter graag daar wou wees. Ja ou Lodie, op die oomblik ervaar ek presies dieselfde hier in Kaapstad ……. Laat ons ons egter nie deur sulke mense laat afsit nie. Sterkte daardie kant, hoop die Kerk dra die res by …..

  3. Christine R-G says:

    Each of the pictures tells a lovely story, Lodie. They would warm the coldest heart and the sternest judgement. Nice comeback and a good challenge to warm up the cold charity dealt to you and your friends! Pity the poor soul who is part of a community that gathers in prayer and love, and who is so desperately in need of asserting their worth.

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